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«The steering committee’s mission is directly related to the two entities its Members have chosen to serve: 1) The corporate entity and 2) the spiritual entity. While we can refer to the A.A. Service Manual for a better understanding and a more comprehensive description, we will try here to briefly describe these two entities served by the members of the Area steering committee.»

«In a nutshell, we could say the corporate entity is there to serve the spiritual entity: its only obligation is to serve along with the spiritual entity for the sole purpose of carrying the A.A. message.»

«The corporate entity allows the spiritual entity and its members to comply with governmental by-laws and statutes in regards to non-profit organizations.»

Area 87 Steering Committee Guidelines (p.2)
Revised September 2009, adopted by vote August 2010.

Committee Members

Claude G.

André D.
Alternate Delegate

Kathleen R.

Alternate Chairperson

Pierre C.

Robert M.
Alternate Secretary

Donald L.

François A.
Alternate Treasurer


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