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Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC)

Welcome to the website of the committee for Cooperation with the Professional Community.

Here you will find information about the committee’s mission, its structure and how it functions, its goals and objectives, its role within the Alcoholics Anonymous movement, as well as the particulars of its activities.

We also provide you with some documents that present a broader view of the AA movement,

links to other relevant websites and to brochures covering more specific topics.

Lastly, you will find our contact information so that you may communicate with us if you wish.

We will be happy to answer your questions or to welcome you among us.

Enjoy your visit.

Where to find AA?

CPC - Mission

The Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) committee is one of the ways Alcoholics Anonymous communicates its message of recovery to the men and women who suffer from the disease of alcoholism.

Through this Committee, AA cooperates with professionals who, in the context of their work, will meet with people who cannot control their alcohol consumption. Among these professionals and other facilitators who practice or are in training, we find, in particular, physicians, nurses, social workers, educators, employers, lawyers, judges, clergy members and police.

The specific mission of the CPC committee is to inform these professionals about AA, the possibility of recovery from the progressive and fatal disease of alcoholism, using the A.A. program, and how they can guide alcoholics who might benefit, toward our fellowship.

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CPC – Activities

AA members are not content to sit and follow a set of rules. It is first and foremost a fellowship of action. It is in this spirit that the CPC takes charge of various activities aimed at developing cooperation with the professional community.

The members of the CPC engage themselves in the following tasks :
Within their activities, the CPC committee members always protect their anonymity and offer their services for free.

Committee structure

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Videos for professionals

Does Alcoholics Anonymous work?

The largest, most rigorous independent study on Alcoholics Anonymous to date shows that AA can help people get sober, stay sober, drink less, and suffer fewer negative consequences of drinking, all while keeping health care costs down. Watch scientists John Kelly (Harvard/MGH) and Keith Humphreys (Stanford/VA) discuss their findings (published 3/11/20 by the Cochrane Collaborative), with commentary from psychologist Gabrielle Jones.

Duration: 15:08 (Original version)

“Released with permission. »

A.A. Videos for Health Professionals

Three medical professionals describe how A.A. can help patients and also serve as a vital resource for those in the healthcare field. To start the download please click the link below.

Duration: 6:00

A.A. Videos for Justice and Corrections Professionals

Three legal and corrections professionals describe the benefits of A.A. for clients and inmates, and how it can also serve as a vital resource for those in their field. To start the download please click the link below.

Duration: 5:42

A.A. Videos for Employment and Human Resources Professionals

Three helping professionals describe how A.A. can benefit employees and also serve as a vital resource for those in the employment/HR/EAP field. To start the download please click the link below.

Duration: 7:16